Best Spy Software for iPhone 5

mobile spy for iphone 5

Mobile Spy is the best spy app for iOS 6, and one of the best apps for the iPhone 5, period.

UPDATE: The hidden version of the Mobile-Spy iPhone spy app is no longer available for download. The phone user will see a small icon to notify them that they are being monitored. Please consider mSpy as an alternative product — it runs in the background without notifying the user. mSpy offers monitoring app for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones.

Mobile Spy only works on an iPhone 5 that has been jailbroken. You will need access to the iPhone for a few minutes to install it. Once you install this app, it will be hidden to the phone’s user — and begin silently recording the phone’s activities and upload the information to your Mobile Spy account using the phone’s internet connection. To view the recorded data, simply login to your account at

Use Mobile Spy to track:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • Texts sent and received
  • Keystrokes typed
  • GPS locations
  • Social media activity
  • Instant messages
  • Contacts, calendars and notes
  • Photos and videos
  • Web browsing history
  • Emails

It is your responsibility to inform the user of the spy software on the iPhone. To bring up the app interface, you will need to press a certain key sequence. From here, you can change various program settings. The key sequence to bring up the interface can be found in the instructions received in the order email.

mobile spy settings

Live Control Panel

Mobile Spy also has an add-on called Live Control Panel, which allows you to view the phone’s screen and see the phone’s location in real-time. The Live Control Panel is only available to Mobile Spy Premium Plan customers. For more information about this add-on and how to use it, visit

7 Day Free Trial

Thanks to the latest technology, you can now monitor your child’s iPhone activities. Sign up for Mobile Spy right now, and you’ll get a 7-day trial for free — no credit card required. After your free trial period is over, you can upgrade to Mobile Spy Basic ($99.97 per year) or Premium Plan ($139.97 per year).

With the jailbreak now possible for the iPhone 5, you can install the Mobile Spy app on the phone and know all the updates conveniently from your personal account. You can check your kids’ iPhone activities online on the Mobile Spy website.

Mobile Spy allows users to see all websites that kids are accessing online through their phone. It enables monitoring of iPhone activity such as records all chats, emails, photos, videos, apps usage, apps installed, contacts, call info and text messages. This software gives users access to the social life of their kids where they can see everything that they post and share on Facebook or YouTube. With many apps like Instagram and NetFlix, our kids are using the internet for many things of which parents are unaware of. Not monitoring mobile app usage and internet surfing may end up into gambling, sexting, cyberbullying and even watching pornography. With Mobile Spy monitoring app now compatible and installed in iPhone 5, none of these can destroy our children’s minds.

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  1. I have 3 questions,
    1-How to jailbreak the iphone?
    2-Can this application work with iphone 5s?
    3-When update the iphone will the spy application will be affected?


    • 1. Here are instructions on how to jailbreak your iPhone:

      2. Yes, it works with iPhone 5s.

      3. If you update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS, you’ll lose your jailbreak and all jailbreak apps (including Mobile Spy and Cydia).

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