Spying on a Cell Phone

Spying on a cell phone is not as hard as it seems. You only need to install a spy app on their cell phone, and it will allow you to remotely monitor their phone activity. You do, however, have to have physical access to the phone in order to install the spy app. Once the … Read more

How to Spy on an iPhone Without Jailbreak

Apple tends to be a leader in the technology world. They seem to come out with the latest and greatest, while others trail behind. However, there is one process Apple was not happy about because it jeopardizes their control over their infamous iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The process is called jailbreak, and it takes out … Read more

How to Root an Android Phone with Kingo

Are you tired of the limitations that cell phone providers set on your Android device? Do you wish you could delete apps you do not use, but can’t because they are built into your carriers plan? The answer is simple… Kingo. What is Kingo? There are many ways you can root your Android device, but … Read more

How to Catch a Cheater with a Spy App

If you suspect that your partner might be cheating on you, you have a few options. You could put a GPS tracking device on his/her car. You could hire a private investigator to keep track of their whereabouts. Or you could use a spy app like Hoverwatch that lets you monitor your partner’s phone (or … Read more

Catch a Cheating Spouse with SpyBubble

He won’t pick up his calls. He is acting distant. He is not looking at you the way he used to. He disappears for long periods of time every day and he rarely checks in. Is he having an affair? The doubt can be too much to handle. You don’t want to invade his privacy … Read more

Monitor Your Child’s Facebook Activity

Facebook has become a daily part of our daily life. There is a constant need to know what is going on with other people. The problem is, children do not know right from wrong because they are still in the development stage of life. This often leads to them posting videos, pictures, or comments that … Read more

How to Take Care of Your Phone

If you are like most people, you already have your next cell phone planned out. In fact, it is estimated that the average American replaces his or her phone every two years. That’s more than any other country in the world, followed by the United Kingdom. On the other end of the spectrum, people in … Read more

How to Do a Free Background Check Online

Background checks are a must when hiring a new employee, seeking a contractor, or wanting a new roommate. This report will allow you to have a look into that individual’s past, and see if there are any issues for you to be worried about. Trust is something that has to be earned, and we can’t … Read more

Protect Your Kids Online with a Cell Phone Spy Software

We all know how much kids love their smartphones. With all the great standard features and downloadable apps, it’s easy to see why a child can be constantly glued to their phone. They have many games to choose from, can chat with friends, browse the web, and connect with friends on social networking sites. It … Read more