Monitor Your Child’s Facebook Activity

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Facebook has become a daily part of our daily life. There is a constant need to know what is going on with other people. The problem is, children do not know right from wrong because they are still in the development stage of life. This often leads to them posting videos, pictures, or comments that reveal too much information.

Parent’s who are not into social media will still get a Facebook page to monitor what their children are posting. However, what parent’s do not realize is that the child can set up Facebook settings to only show family members a portion of what they post. If a parent is not aware of this, then they are not monitoring their child’s Facebook page efficiently.

Unless parents take the time to really explore all the settings that Facebook has to offer, children will continue to have the advantage. This gives a child a playing field that will lead to negative results, and could come with life long consequences.

So what is a parent to do? The answer is, Facebook Spy. A Facebook Spy will allow parents to see every post, every photo, every video, and every comment that a child is involved in on Facebook.

How Does It Work?

There are tons of monitoring software available for cell phones, computers, and other mobile devices. Most of these software come with the Facebook Spy as one of their top features. It is important that a parent shop around to find a monitoring system that will suit their needs.

Setup is easy, once you have decided on a monitoring system. After you purchase the software an email will be sent to you will all the installation instructions. You will have to have access to the device for instillation, but after that all monitoring is done remotely.

Your child will never know they are being monitored, and you can get the true answers of what they are sharing on Facebook. Once setup is complete, the Facebook spy can begin immediately.

How Do I Choose A Monitoring Software That Has Facebook Spy?

Monitor Facebook with Mobile SpyThere are literally hundreds of monitoring systems, but you really want to take the time to ensure you re getting a system that will fit all your monitoring needs. Some cell phone spy software (such as mSpy and FlexiSPY) offer more advanced features than others do.

The basic monitoring software will log all activity of the device. Here is a list of features that are available on most monitoring software.

  • Log all incoming and outgoing calls, and block any undesired contacts.
  • Log all text messaging, and see any files, photos, or videos that are sent or received.
  • Access all contacts, calendar, memos, photos, and multimedia that are stored on the device.
  • See what websites have been visited.
  • Access all chats and social media information that has been shared.
  • Use GPS tracking to locate the device and user.
  • Set restrictions for apps, websites, and contacts.
  • Receive alerts when a prohibited activity is performed.

You also want to make sure that the software is compatible with the device that you want to monitor. Before you go looking around, make a list of monitoring features that are important to you. Compare software and see which ones offer those features, and also compare pricing. For more information on choosing a cell phone spy software, check out our buying guide here:

Another good thing to consider, is some of the software only charge a base fee, and you can use them to monitor more than one device or user. This is especially useful if your child has multiple devices that access the internet, or if you have more than one child.

Take all these things into consideration when deciding on a monitoring software because these software have so many features. Facebook spy is an essential feature when your child has a Facebook account. Monitoring is easy, and all logs are sent to an online account that you only have access to.

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