Hi, I’m Jack. I try every spy software so you don’t have to.

I’ve been testing and reviewing different spy apps for 10 years and have compiled a comprehensive list of the best spy software companies on the market. These apps allow you to track a phone’s location, see the messages that are sent and received, view call logs, and more. Many of these apps are completely hidden and work in stealth mode.

When it comes to spying on someone’s smartphone, nothing beats a spy app. You can use the app to monitor your child’s online activity, or to keep an eye on your employees without them knowing it. Installing the app on their phone only takes a couple of minutes, and once it is installed, it runs completely in the background, monitoring their phone and internet activity.

A Little About Me

I am a web developer. I’ve been designing websites, running web servers, developing web-based applications, and managing web projects since 1998.

I started BestPhoneSpy after developing my own spy app in 2010. I thought my spy app was really good, but I quickly found out it didn’t matter. I realized people didn’t need another spy app. Instead they needed someone to take the time to figure out which spy app were good and which were bad.