Root Checker

If you wonder whether your phone has root access, download the app Root Checker from Google Play and it’ll check for you. With one click you can instantly see if your attempt to root your phone was successful.

The Root Checker app is very simple and easy to use. Open the app and tap the “Verify Root” button. If successful, you’ll get a message saying “Congratulations! Root access is properly installed on this device”.

success message

Doesn’t get much simpler than this. One click and you’re done!

NOTE: This app does NOT root your device.

2 thoughts on “Root Checker”

  1. Does anyone else think this has to be the lamest app of all time? Can’t you just use Terminal and hit “su”? Why would you waste more space on your phone for this?

    • Not every person who roots their phone knows how to use a terminal. Also, you can’t use the argument “well if they don’t know how to use terminal they shouldn’t bother rooting their phone”. I knew it was coming.

      Plain and simple, some people have made it extremely easy to root. Using software like KingoRoot is a one-click process. Sometimes a consumer just wants to install a wireless tether app. Some just may want to use a root uninstaller to get rid of unwanted apps that carriers preinstall. Not every person who roots is a geek. Not every person who roots will ever need to use terminal either. Plain and simple, this app is meant to just check that you have root access. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

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