Mobile Spy Updated to Version 7.0 – What’s new

Mobile Spy v7.0

Retina-X Studios is an award winning software company that believes in giving their users the latest technological advancements that are available. Retina-X is widely known for their mobile device monitoring software, Mobile Spy. This software allows you to become the ultimate spy without the user even knowing that they are being spied on.

What’s New in Mobile Spy v7.0

Recently, Retina-X announced their release of Mobile Spy v7.0. They continuously work to make their software the best in the industry. This means you will always have a cell phone spy software that is up to date, and ready to monitor anything that comes its way. With the release of v7.0, more individuals will be able to take advantage of this esteemed spyware. Mobile Spy is now offered in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish.

Along with this release came an overhaul to the Mobile Spy web site. Not only did the site receive an updated look, consumers can choose to view it in 6 different languages. Providing a variety of languages benefits the consumer’s needs, and allows them to take advantage of all that Mobile Spy has to offer.

New Website and Web Panel

The Online Control Panel is where you can thoroughly see the changes made with the release of Mobile Spy v7.0. Retina-X listened to their customer’s feedback and completely rebuilt their online interface according to customers suggestions. The new interface is now easier for users to navigate through, which means less time is wasted when searching for the answers in the logged monitored activity. It is so simplistic to figure out where you want to go in the new control panel. Plus, you now have the advantage of viewing it in multiple languages.

New Web Panel

New Keylogger Feature

Another feature that has been added with this release is the ability to monitor keystrokes. This is a huge advantage to have a spy software that has this ability. Many users have been asking for this feature for quite some time, and Retina-X did not disappoint them. They included the feature to ensure users received the information they needed while monitoring a mobile device.

The Keystroke feature logs all keystrokes that are made on the device. Even the ones that are deleted. This allows a lot of new discoveries to be made on mobile device activity. At this time, the keystroke logger can be used on iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones/tablets. It was a great addition to an already outstanding monitoring software.

The logged keystrokes can be viewed in the Online Control Panel. Once you have accessed the control panel, simply click on the keylogger tab to review. Keystrokes are recorded in an organized way, so it will be easy to find what you are looking for. You will be given information such as the application used, date and time, and all the keystrokes that occurred within that application. Here’s a screenshot of what it should look like:


Besides the update of the web site and control panel, users can also take advantage of many other features that came along with the Mobile Spy v7.0 release. Here are some of the other highlights to look for in this release.

  • Website and Control Panel now offers 5 languages
  • Responsive Online Control Panel
  • Premium service remote setting
  • Access devices camera from remote location to record and video.

download mobile spy v7

You can see a full listing of features that the Mobile Spy software offers by visiting the main website. If you already have the Mobile Spy software, you can get the new updates by going to the Upgrade Center. Retina-X will continue to provide their users with the latest advancements. You can always rest assure that Mobile Spy has the newest updates in the spy phone software industry.

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  1. I bought mobile spy for my son’s phone. I had some slight problems with installation trying to get it installed, but after a couple email exchanges, got it worked out. The features are probably the best out there for the price. I would like to see an ability to record calls, not just recording of the phone surroundings. Maybe we’ll see this in future releases?

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