Cerberus Anti-Theft (for Android)

Cerberus Anti-Theft

Cerberus Anti-Theft is a powerful and easy-to-use app that helps you get back a lost or stolen device. The tools contained in the app are pretty incredible and help to give you a genuine feeling of control, even if your expensive smartphone has disappeared. It’s an app that you’ll never want to actually use, but you’ll be glad it’s there if you need it.

Cerberus Anti-Theft comes with a free 7-day trial (no credit card required), after which it will cost you €5 per year. The app can be downloaded from its website.

Key features

  • Simple to install and set up
  • Track lost or stolen devices via GPS
  • Full desktop access to a range of tools including the ability to record video, audio and take pictures
  • Lock or wipe your device remotely
  • You can also get a mobile client, allowing you control via another Android device

Cerberus is an app I hope you never have to use. If you use it, it basically means that either you lost your phone; perhaps left it somewhere or it’s down the back of the sofa, or worse still someone has stolen it. In this scenario, Cerberus essentially puts the ball back in your court.

Getting Started

Using the app is simple. Sign in and create an account on your phone, then forget about it. If you lose it, or it’s stolen you just have to get to a browser (or use the Cerberus client on another Android), and take control of the phone. Actions are performed by a neat drop-down menu alongside a map with the device’s geolocation. It couldn’t be easier.

Cerberus Dashboard

The in-app interface is relatively simple- just basic menus- slick but there’s not much to it. The browser UI is quite simple too, but very functional and full of useful information. The app will send pictures, audio and video to your email address.

Remotely track and control a lost phone

Cerberus is an app you install and then completely forget about, safe in the knowledge it’s there if you need it. If your device is lost- all you need to do is go to the Cerberus website, log in, remotely activate the GPS and it’ll show you on a map where you left it. If, however, you think it might have been stolen, there’s a whole lot more you can do.

OK, so first things first- protect your content. You can instantly lock the device, requiring a 4 digit pin to unlock. If you’ve got a front-facing camera, things get even cooler. You can take pictures of the perpetrator, as s/he tries to meddle with your phone, for example, it can be triggered when they try to unlock your device. OK, so right away you have a photo (the picture is emailed to you) of the person who has your device. Additionally, you can record both audio or video- again providing more evidence as to who has taken your phone. And all this while tracking the device via GPS.

These features are just the tip of the iceberg too, the providing a raft of extra features. You can also; get location history, send messages, start the alarm (cool if you’ve just forgotten where you left it), get call log, get SMS log, send SMS message, grab screenshot, start and stop emergency mode, hide or show Cerberus app in the app drawer, call the phone, wipe the devices memory or wipe your SD card. If your phone is rooted, you can also reboot it.

The app is fantastically easy to use via the web, but if you can access another Android phone with the Cerberus Client app installed, you can perform these actions from another device. The video below provides a cool demo of the app.

Locating the phone

If you lose your phone, or it is stolen, you stand a far better chance of retrieving the device if you have Cerberus installed. It might ultimately lead you to finding your phone, identifying the person who has taken it- as well as tracking the device’s location.

A family member of mine lost his brand new iPhone 8 Plus when he left it in the back of a taxi while on holiday. If that had been an Android (Cerberus isn’t available on iOS), and Cerberus had been installed, I’m pretty certain it could have easily led to getting the device back. If you value your device, this is a must-have application.

Ideally, you will never have the need to use it. Hopefully you look after your phone and always keep it safe. However, if for any reason it goes missing you can find it again very quickly. Maybe you’re someone who is always forgetting their phone or leaving it somewhere- this again is an ideal solution for locating it.

If you place any value on your Android device, definitely get this app. It gives you back the power to control your device in a variety of ways- in addition to capturing a picture/video of the person who has taken it. The app has plenty of tools to help you retrieve your device and is simply a must-have application. The app comes with a free trial, but costs €5 per year to unlock most of its features. Definitely get it, you’ll be grateful when your device goes missing.