StealthGenie Review

Note: As you probably know, in September 2014, Hammad Akbar, CEO of StealthGenie has been arrested in the US and charged with “conspiracy to market and sell a surreptitious wiretapping device”. StealthGenie website has been taken down and is no longer available.

The cell phone spy software runs on a smartphone and reports its activities such as calls made and texts sent. It reports all of the information it collects to a remote third party who essentially “spies” on the monitored phone user. This is what StealthGenie offers. Keep reading about how the company does it with their cell phone spy product.

StealthGenie Review

How StealthGenie Can Help You

Parents who buy cell phones for their children also take on many new worries at the same time. By the same token, when an employer decides to get cell phones for certain key employees for use in their jobs, it fosters worries as well. Parents and employers know that cell phones without cell phone monitoring software running on them are susceptible to all sorts of negative scenarios such as:

  • Kids and employees lying about where they are at
  • Employees spending more time chatting, browsing, and emailing instead of working
  • Teenagers using the messaging functions of their phones to coordinate drug pickups
  • Employees sexually harassing others in the workplace with chat applications on their company phone
  • Teenagers spending way too much time on their phones instead of studying and doing their homework

And you can more than likely add other scenarios to this list as well. The point is that without StealthGenie cell phone spy software running on a phone that you are responsible for then you are in the dark.

When you are in the dark about the activities of your children, you know that they are susceptible to danger. Likewise, your business is in danger when you are not sure of the activities of employees with cell phones that you issued to them.

The Main Features of StealthGenie

StealthGenie FeaturesThe main features of the StealthGenie cell phone spy software are also what you’ll find as standard among the top makers of these products. Thus you’ll find StealthGenie’s product provides tracking on the target cell phone for:

  • Call information
  • Contact file information
  • Text information (email and SMS)
  • GPS location history
  • Web browsing history
  • Photos and videos taken

These are the main functions or features but there’s more. Keep reading and find out the main advantages that make StealthGenie special.

The Main Advantages of StealthGenie

When cell phone spy software such as the product offered by StealthGenie has the features listed below that you’ll find it to be more helpful. The main advantages of the StealthGenie spy product are:

  1. Wide range of text logging options
  2. Call recording and live call intercept
  3. Trigger word notifications
  4. Security features
  5. Monitoring of Viber and Skype
  6. Geofencing capability
  7. Powerful remote control commands

There are several other features with StealthGenie but these are the ones that you’ll probably find most useful. Keep reading and learn about the advantages they provide.

1. Wide Range of Text Logging Options

Most cell phone tracking software capture SMS and email messages but not everyone uses these means to communicate. They use other apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype and not all makers of cell phone spy products cover these. But StealthGenie does.

2. Call Recording and Live Call Intercept

This is a feature of the StealthGenie spy app that allows you to dig further when it seems that those around you (children or employees) duck away when they receive a call on the smartphone that you are responsible for.

All you as the subscriber must do is activate this feature with an SMS command or from the control panel. Then, when you suspect there is a call that you need to listen to, just dial the number of the target phone and listen in.

3. Trigger Word Notifications

While other makers of cell phone spy software have the feature to define trigger words to receive notifications, StealthGenie takes it a step further plus makes the feature available via the control panel.

From the control panel, you can define certain words that when they come across in an SMS messages you will be alerted. But it’s not only for SMS. You can define them for email as well. Additionally, if calls are initiated or received from numbers or contacts you define, you’ll also be alerted.

4. Security Features

Today’s smartphones are really small computers thus they can store an enormous amount of information. Employees with company-issued cell phones will no doubt store documents sensitive to your business that you would never want divulged to others who could be your competitors.

StealthGenie provides a way to secure a phone that has gone missing through a set of SMS commands. The basic SMS commands that add security to the monitored smartphone are those for locking the phone, backing up its information, and wiping its contents clean.

5. Monitoring of Viber and Skype

Not every company that makes cell phone spy software can handle messaging apps such as Viber and Skype but StealthGenie does. Viber and Skype are both ways to make calls and send messages using the internet and could be a way to circumvent the spy software but not with StealthGenie.

6. Geofencing Capability

It’s not enough to just know where your child or employee has been if they have been to areas where they shouldn’t have. With geofencing, you can be alerted when they leave or enter safe and restricted areas that you as the subscriber and administrator designate. The cell phone spy software from StealthGenie has geofencing capability as well.

7. Powerful Remote Control Commands

You wouldn’t want to relinquish all control of a monitored cell phone and StealthGenie understands with by providing a powerful set of remote control commands. Through the control panel you can see all of the SMS syntax required to send commands for starting the recording of surroundings, pausing/starting/deleting the spy app, locking the phone, backing up the data on it, and removing all of the monitored phone’s data in the event it goes missing because of loss or theft.

How StealthGenie Works

StealthGenie cell phone spy software works like others in this industry. The idea is to make the monitored phone send all of its information to an alternate location so that it can be viewed. Thus, it consists of cell phone app that runs resident on the device and transmits logs and other information via the internet to the StealthGenie servers where it awaits the subscriber’s login from a control panel to view it.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to install StealthGenie App on an Android phone

Operating System (OS) Compatibility

StealthGenie  iOS 7StealthGenie cell phone spy app runs on smartphones and tablet computers running the big three operating systems: Android, iOS (iPhone), and BlackBerry. What’s nice about their website is that you can pinpoint the exact type of phone that you have with the icon display of the phones it supports.

Now supporting iOS 7 – As you already know the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak has been released, and with that the StealthGenie development team has jumped in and ensured that StealthGenie is fully compatible with iOS 7. You will now be able to install StealthGenie on Jailbroken iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and the iPad mini.

StealthGenie Pricing

StealthGenie is available in three pricing tiers: Basic, Gold, and Premium. Also, a subscription can be purchased for a period of 3, 6, or 12 months.

At the low end of the StealthGenie pricing range you can get a three-month subscription to its basic product for $59.99. This is quite a bargain if you want to try it out before going to a longer range subscription.

The high end of the StealthGenie pricing range reveals the full product with all features at $199.99 for 12 months. That’s just around $16 per month which is a small price to pay for keeping tabs on a cell phone and its user under your responsibility.

StealthGenie Plan

Service and Support

StealthGenie has all bases covered when it comes to support for its cell phone spy software product. They take the approach to allow subscribers to try and find the answers they need online first through a comprehensive frequently asked questions page. Plus they document how to buy and install the software and also explain how it works.

Then, if you still cannot get the answers that you need on your own, they provide a live chat facility.

StealthGenie provides flexibility when it comes to what you need to monitor the smartphones of your kids or employees. Check it out today and get started.