How to Trace a Cell Phone Number

Everyone has had that strange call or text message on their cell phone and wonders who it is. This is typically what prompts a person to want to find out where the call came from and attach a name with the number.

Why Trace a Cell Phone Number

A person’s interest in finding out the name attached to the strange phone number is typically for few reasons such as:

  • Text messages or calls that are harassing
  • A cheating spouse
  • Your child’s friends that you don’t know about
  • Just an odd number that you are curious about

If your children are being harassed on their smartphones, you as a parent have every right to know the name associated with it so that you can take action. Furthermore as a parent you want to know with whom your children are communicating.

In the same manner, if you have a cheating spouse then you have just as much right to know who the other person calling your partner is.

Searching for the Cell Phone Number

There are multiple ways to do a reverse search for the name associated with a cell phone number. Some of these ways are:

  1. Use search engines to do a reverse lookup
  2. Purchase a subscription to a paid directory
  3. Search through local phone directories
  4. Find the number through a cell phone spy app

There may be some other ways but these are the main ones out there. Keep reading and find out how these work.

1. Get the Information through Search Engines

This is a popular way to try a reverse lookup on a strange number. You go to a search engine such as Google and just key in the number as the search. You may need to try different formats for the phone number search such as 888-554-3436, (888)554-3436 or (888)-554-3436, etc.


Although it doesn’t cost you a dime to research a cell phone number this way keep in mind that it is not always accurate.

2. Become a Paid Directory Subscriber

This is actually a good way to do a trace on a strange cell phone number but it is not free. On average, you will pay about $15 per month but the information you get is quite detailed. They also offer a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the search results that you get.

Paid Directories

The paid directories will give you all details pertaining to the cell phone number you search on. Not only will they give the name associated with the number but address and even personal information such as the existence of a criminal record or if the person has property.

3. Find the Number in Local Phone Directories

You can try using a local phone directory but you may not have much luck because these typically do not contain cell phone numbers. This is because cell phone numbers fall under different privacy laws and cannot be listed in public directories.

Some popular local phone directories include,, and but keep in mind that you are likely not to get the details that you need simply because they probably don’t contain the cell phone number of interest.

4. The Ease of the Finding a Number in a Cell Phone Spy App

Installing a cell phone spy app on your smartphone is probably the simplest and most affordable way to do reverse cell phone number traces. This is because a cell phone spy app does the following:

  • Logs the full text of SMS messages along with name, number, and location
  • Records and sends all call logs along with the number and name associated it with it
  • Provides many other features
  • Stores the information even if it is deleted on the monitored cell phone

You can see all of the call and text log records on the subscriber control panel that is part of your cell phone spy app package.

Call History

Furthermore, you get many other features with a cell phone spy app that are included in the price. These are features such as GPS tracking, viewing of photos/videos taken on the monitored smartphone, call listening/recording, and more.

By now you see that there are a few ways to do a reverse trace on a cell phone number but the cell phone spy app provides the most for the money. Plus, with a cell phone spy app, you don’t need to take an extra step to make a search because the name associated with the number is sent within the log records. Visit a cell phone spy vendor today and see just how helpful they can be when it comes to reverse tracing a cell phone number.